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Spiritual Growth:

A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her life. It’s right up there with giving birth. Unfortunately, when we are preparing for “the big” day, we focus on the wedding, and not the marriage. We fail to grasp that it’s a very special day, but it’s only one day. Being a wife is more than a day. It’s more than cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, or providing intimacy. It’s a lifetime commitment, and though it is blessing from the Lord, at times it can be very challenging and downright hard, especially if you don’t understand the spiritual concept of a wife. As you read this powerful, anointed book, “Are you sure you are ready to be a wife?” allow the Lord to lead and guide you in how to be a wife to your husband-pushing you both into your destiny and purpose. Don’t focus on the day, focus on being his wife. After all, you may have been looking for Prince Charming, but your future husband wasn’t looking for Cinderella, or a princess. He was looking for a wife.

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Love is a Journey:

TO TRULY KNOW LOVE you must experience it and contrary to our sometimes naïve beliefs, love does involve pain, sacrifice, and disappointment. David and Marcie are no strangers to pain and disappointment. As their paths cross once again the biggest question becomes has David’s destructive pattern really come to an end or will Marcie once again be in danger of losing her life. Facing new challenges, Marcie and David find out first hand that Love is a Journey.

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Four Stages of Spiritual Growth:

In every life, whether it’s in the spiritual or natural, humans or animals, there is a growth process.  And that process begins with birth or as we as Christians call it, being born-again.  From there, the process goes from infancy to maturity.  In the natural, you cannot supersede the process, and just like in natural, you cannot supersede the process in the spiritual.  Like parents, God does not want His children to say in the infant stage once they become “Believers.”  He wants us to grow into full maturity in Him and the things of His Kingdom.  In this powerful, anointed book, “Four Stages of Spiritual Growth: From Infancy to Fathers,” you will discover and understand each stage of the spiritual growth process; enabling you to grow, through grace in Jesus Christ, and become the mature saints (fathers) you are destined to be- fulfilling your God-ordained assignment.  No more will you act like defeated, distraught and downcast babes that continue to be fed milk. Through this powerful and simplistic revelation, you will become overcomers, victorious and successful mature “Believers,” feeding on the meat of God’s Word. God wants you to grow up!  This book will assist you in the process.  It’s a must read!

Cost is $12.95

When Have We Walked Together:

As a nation, as a people, or as individuals, when have we walked together? The Constitution of the United States of America states that we are one nation under God; that we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal; and that all men have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But do the words of this prominent document, from which we get our foundational structure, truly depict the heart and soul of this nation, or do these words only apply to a select few?

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Cost is $12.95

Men of My Father's Generation:

“My father’s generation recognition of the truth, wisdom and knowledge aside from reality was the working of the Holy Spirit. These were not learned men. Again, these were men one generation removed from slavery. These were men who didn’t enjoy the abundant life of total freedom. These were men exploited by their own country and hated by fellow citizens. These were men whom human history has testified on their behalf as living in one of the worst environments known to humanity. These were men placed in a position to give their lives for citizens of another country while living as second-class citizens in their own country – a country that described herself as a “Christian nation” in words while using acts that could best be described as demonic in the treatment of her own citizens. They lived in a nation whose goal was to provide freedom for the whole world while refusing to execute justice and equality at home. A nation that invited the whole world to her shores, while maintaining a strategy to keep others in bondage. This plan was in the DNA of those in leadership.” (Excerpt from the Book)

Cost is $12.95

Cost is $12.95

Be Still And Listen

She thought it was about the fight for her marriage, but in actuality, it was about the fight for her soul, her very life.  She had to be still & listen to come to this revelation.

Sometimes we cannot hear, because we are too busy doing.  We are too busy trying to fix the broken pieces.  If we would only sit still and listen, we would see the miracle that was always right in front of our eyes.

 Be still and know that I am God…

Psalm 46:10 (KJV)

Cost is $12.95

Whose Baby?

MacKenzie, Celeste and Alondra had to endure the pain, heartache, and sometimes betrayal, as they each battled the demons within, only to discover that their faith sometimes took them down a dark one-way road, that didn’t always lead to a “happily ever after”. Whose Baby is a stunning depiction of what can happen when we don't take our past hurts and disappointments to Jesus and allow Him to heal us. Melissa Jones skillfully takes the reader on a journey into the intertwined lives of her characters that results in a startling ending.

Help Meet or Hindrance: Which One Are You?
From start to finish- through the laughter, tears, poignant, yet eye-opening truth, and sometimes shock, experience how one woman went from being a hindrance to a help meet, and how you can too. See yourself as she had to see herself—the good, the bad, and the not so together, and then allow the Lord to minister to you through His Holy Spirit, changing you into being a true help meet to your husband. After all, isn’t that what you really want to do?

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